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About the Bonsai Kai

The Bonsai Kai is the oldest bonsai club in Europe was formed in 1961 in response to growing interest in the cultivation of bonsai trees. At that time it was under the auspices of the Japan Society, founded in 1891, although it is now an independent organisation. Over the years many well-known figures in the bonsai world have been involved.

The knowledge and experience of both members and expert speakers can be gained at the Bonsai Kai’s meetings which serve as a forum for the diffusion of expert advice on the cultivation of bonsai.

The Bonsai Kai is an affiliated society of the Royal Horticultural Society. Since its foundation the Kai has exhibited at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show and won numerous Gold Medals.

All the trees featured on this website are owned and styled by members of Bonsai Kai.


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